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Bahia De Los Angeles

“Discovered” as a prime fishing destination for Americans over the last decade or so, Bahia de Los Angeles has changed dramatically from the sleepy fishing village of twenty years ago. Besides fishing, the Bay of Los Angeles is also a prime destination for many other water-sports, particularly sailing and kayaking among the many small islands that dot the shoreline and extend into the midriff islands. Located a little over 400 miles from the border, and 100 miles by road from Catavina, the bay is accessible by car. Many weekenders prefer to fly small planes into the town’s airstrip, thereby avoiding the 40-mile jaunt off of Baja’s transpeninsular. While paved, the roads to the Bay can still be marked with dramatic potholes, particularly after rains. Must Sea’s Kayaking and Sailing Bahia de Los Angeles is a top destination for kayaking and sailing in the northern Sea of Cortez. Several small islands lie within the bay itself, and Isla Coronado lies just north of the mouth. Beyond Isla Coronado (Smith) is the much larger Isla Angel de la Guarda, and to the south are Isla Partida, Isla Raza, Isla Sansipuedes, Isla Las Animas, and Isla San Lorenzo. Fishing Many feel that inshore fishing has been wiped out by the surge in popularity of the region by vacationing sport fishermen, but abundant action is still to be had by those with boat access and a willingness to venture out of the mouth of the bay. The fishing season follows that of the rest of the central and northern Gulf of California; with sailfish, marlin, and dorado in the summer and fall, yellowtail and sierra in the winter and spring, and grouper year round. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Largely overlooked for scuba diving in favor of sites in southern Baja, Bahia de Los Angeles is nevertheless a very worthy site. A trek here will provide a new mix of species for those used to scuba diving in southern Baja.