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Baja Sur

The Cape Region Within Baja California, the cape region at the southern tip is considered to be the prime destination for travelers worldwide. The waters off of La Paz offer scuba divers the opportunity to witness hundreds of schooling hammerhead sharks over the El Bajo Sea Mount. Whalesharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and a wide variety of Indo-Pacific reef species can be found here, both at scuba diving depths, as well as snorkeling. Ever playful and curious sea lions are found in abundance outside the harbor at Isla Las Islotes. A patchwork of coral reefs exists at Cabo Pulmo and Bahia Las Frailes and many excellent dive operators offer scuba diving and snorkeling excursions. For more extended exploration of the region, the exquisitely equipped Solmar V will take scuba divers in luxury on multi-day live aboard trips. If nightlife is as important as marine life, then Cabo San Lucas is the destination of choice. With miles of nightclubs including the Giggling Marlin and Cabo Wabo, owned in part by Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar, there is no end to the nocturnal entertainment available. Similarly there appears to be no end to the kiosks offering time-share purchases in Cabo condominiums. Luckily these ventures have not yet learned to scuba dive and one may still enjoy the scenery of the Sand Falls and Lands End where one can observe the beautiful and rare Clarion angelfish without listening to an underwater sales pitch. For those not inclined to scuba dive numerous operators will also provide a tour of the area in glass-bottomed boats, taking you on a cruise from the Sea of Cortez, to the Pacific Ocean, and back again. The town of Todos Santos is struggling, generally successfully, to avoid becoming another Cabo San Lucas. Strict enforcement of zoning laws and a nearly militant pride in their town has allowed residents to maintain the sleepy atmosphere of their township. Known for a thriving artist community and exceptional surfing, Todos Santos is a perfect escape from Cabo San Lucas.